Blacked Out and Xparent Apps

02/15/2013 15:48

Ok, so I've been doing Inverted and Transparent apps for a couple years now. Not many of the themers I looked up to are even in the game anymore so I'm trying to stay focused and remain as active as possible in the Android scene. I have Gtalk, Gmail, Play Store, Play Music, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google+, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pintrest and a few others available on forums and right here on my site. I rarely use any of these apps besides Twitter and Dropbox so if something updates, give me a friendly notification or heads up on a forum site so I can get to it.. I try to keep within 2 days of the app updating but sometimes life happens and I get behind a little. Facebook is the hardest one so far, too. The others take about 20 - 90 min to update while Facebook takes me 2-4 hours or more so if I get behind on that one, it's ok cause typically their updates are minor.. As of now, ALL the apps on my site are the most current and I'll do my best to keep it that way.. Thanks for all the continued support and due to a jump in site views/hits I did go ahead and purchase more bandwidth for the site.. Rock On Kids!