About B-boy™ 

   Ok, so I've been in this theming game since 2010 and have 14 full themes out.. I started, obviously, with flashable zip themes and just recently in  2012 started on using the Theme Chooser apk. All of my themes are free and some have a donate version for anyone that wants to toss a buck but it's never expected, though. I have a unique style to my themes, meaning I try to make the phone look nothing like stock or any other OEM skin. I want my themes to completely make your device look totally different than ever before. In having this outlook, I've gotten a lot of flack saying my themes are "overly done" or "too much".. Not sure how tha'ts possible but I prefer a total makeover rather than a stock theme that took 30 minutes to batch recolor Google's images but that's just my opinion.... but this is my site so I don't gotta be nice!.. lol.. 


What I did this year

02/28/2012 10:49
          2011 was a busy year for me. I started it off porting all 9 of my themes all over the place and in February I began Inverting apps and then making them transparent. My first Inverted apk was the 2.3.2 Market. I loved that one! It had the...