What I did this year

02/28/2012 10:49

          2011 was a busy year for me. I started it off porting all 9 of my themes all over the place and in February I began Inverting apps and then making them transparent. My first Inverted apk was the 2.3.2 Market. I loved that one! It had the header at the top with lines that ran through it and looked so good with my colored versions. I quickly started doing more and more apps like that. I worked with Ecsnead69 on a few projects and then ventured off into my custom series called 'Kameleon Apps". The concept behind them was that they would self theme according to the primary system text colors of the theme the user was on. Since I had 9 themes out it took way too long to redo every app I included in my themes so I made all system/apps point every highlighted color to framework.res.apk so that per theme I made, I only needed to edit the xmls in framework and then just png images for the rest and that saved me a ton of time! Then I went ahead and made Facebook and a few other apks Kameleon so that if anyone using any of my themes had it installed, they would have a totally different look per theme. I kept digging deeper into xmls and started redirecting stuff to framework so the Kameleon Series apps would match my themes or any other themes without needing to reinstall a different app.. That was my pride and joy!

        When I started the transparent apps, I dove in deep, also. I made 15+ apps transparent and then started releasing full themes for the Droid1 and Fascinate that were fully transparent. I absolutely loved the look of seeing my wallpaper on every screen I went to. I themed the DroidForums app and then the XDA app also. At that time, I had to use the Dark theme style as the transparent version though. Then RootzWiki came along and I inverted their app by ForumRunner, free and paid. Then one rainy night as I was sitting there kinda stumped as to what I wanted to theme next, Droid DOES Gtalked me and asked if I would team up with him on theming market apps. Since I already did that I didn't really see the point in teaming up but he went farther and said he had been contacting devs and had some responses. That sparked my eye! I decided that it's worth a shot since he's one of my good friends and has always supported my work in the past. Plus I kinda don't like sitting for hours making images since I spent 1000+ hours doing that on my full themes..lol. Ryan loves images and I'm good with xmls and smali so we set out to do this as a team. We started out theming the DroidForums app but this time I was able to use the Light theme style for transparent and keep the Dark for Inverted. It took about 30 tries editing smali code and manipulating the xmls but we pulled off the first ever fully themed and working TapaTalk based app! The next day TapaTalk contacted us and wanted to see a sample of what we offer and they loved it! They were planning an update to their app so they kept sending us new updates and we didn't know if each one was going to be a final release so we would theme for hours making all 6 different colors.. just to recieve another update the next day.. lol. But all those updates only meant more practice and within 2 weeks Quoord Systems Ltd uploaded our Xparent Tapatalk Series to the Android Market! The rest is history........