Team BlackOut

03/29/2013 08:12



There have been quite a few themers come and go that Invert, Black Out, Transparent, etc the apps we've come to love in Android. But they also leave the scene and leave their threads dead or unsupported causing their faithful followers to go on the hunt for someone else that has taken on the challenge. But then there have also been some dedicated themers that have remained active and up to date with all their threads or websites. DjDarknight and Rujelus22 are 2 of them and Gunthermic is another. Bryan (DjDarknight) and I talked and have decided to start team Black Out for apps. My other team, teamBAKED is a ROM development team that TravP leads but this new team is strictly for all the apps that we all theme. The idea is that since most of us Invert the same apps, when they update we also all update them. Sometimes the same night and other times we'll have days inbetween. Well, when apps update in groups and life gets busy, updates start lagging so our goal is to have a team set in place so when (example) Dropbox updates, only 1 themer will update it to Black and Transparent on apps that we offer that. This process will give us more time to not only have lives outside of Android, but to also give us some time to possibly keep adding to our list. I have 27+ apps in my list, Bryan has 9-15, Rujelus22 has 19+ and Gunthermic has 5+ and once we eliminate duplicates, we will be at around 33+ different apps that are all offered in Black and many that are offered in Transparent. That's a lot IMO so we may choose to not add unless Google creates more new apps that we feel would benefit us, but we all also said at one point "No more apps for me" and yet we continued to add since we do all of this simply because we love to... and also cause it seems the community is lacking in people that can actually do this from scratch. Many will Kang, few will be able to start from stock and fully Invert with no help. We are setting up our website and notes/guides host site now and once we have it organized, we will evaluate the terms as to how many more people we will accept. We already know we're all at different levels so we will be helping out but in order to be a part of the team you must have some knowledge already as to apktool, image editing, etc. We don't want to train from the ground up but we plan on helping others get more advanced than they are now so that when the day comes that one of us leaves android or retires from this art, we'll be leaving a team behind that will carry on the legacy that we've built. 


Team as of now:







JaeKar99 - All Team Black Out artwork is made by him

Nitroz (possibly)

jatx2wne (possibly)

ecsnead69 (possibly)