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Team BlackOut

03/29/2013 08:12
    There have been quite a few themers come and go that Invert, Black Out, Transparent, etc the apps we've come to love in Android. But they also leave the scene and leave their threads dead or unsupported causing their faithful followers to go on the hunt for someone else that has...

Blacked Out and Xparent Apps

02/15/2013 15:48
Ok, so I've been doing Inverted and Transparent apps for a couple years now. Not many of the themers I looked up to are even in the game anymore so I'm trying to stay focused and remain as active as possible in the Android scene. I have Gtalk, Gmail, Play Store, Play Music, Facebook, Twitter,...

What I did this year

02/28/2012 10:49
          2011 was a busy year for me. I started it off porting all 9 of my themes all over the place and in February I began Inverting apps and then making them transparent. My first Inverted apk was the 2.3.2 Market. I loved that one! It had the...
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